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Diamonds Are Forever?


When I was twelve my mother gave me a set of diamond earrings that my Godmother had given her for me when I was a toddler.  She kept them up for me until I was old enough to have them.  When she gave them to me she said “Tia, your older now and I want to give you these diamond earrings because they are a special gift from your Godmother.  Don’t ever lose them they were very expensive.”  I was so honored that she felt I was responsible enough to give them to me at such a young age.  They were beautiful.  I wore them everyday and put them away securely every-night.  One day at the age of 19 I went to put them up in my jewelry box before I went to bed and discovered there was nothing to put away.  I had lost my earrings.  I searched everywhere.  They were lost and gone forever.  My world came crumbling down.  I was so sad and disappointed in myself.  I lost a priceless treasure that I had inherited.  That was the only point of my life that I had ever felt these types of emotions toward myself.  I not only would have disappointed my mother but I felt like I wasn’t good enough to have something so precious.  To this day I have never told my mother that I lost them.  I am so ashamed that they are gone forever.

Since then I have never felt that way until November 9th, 2012.  I lost something special forever despite its flaws.  They say diamonds are forever but only if you can keep them for that long.  Somethings are so precious and despite any flaws they are irreplaceable.  I will never get my diamond earrings back.  They were my first pair of diamonds and that feeling of receiving them was such an abundantly overflowing joy and responsibility that I had something so precious.  In life we go through ups and downs.  We lose things all the time but cherish those priceless ones because you never can replace them.  Although life will continue as it did for me the situation still haunts me to this day and its something that I will have to face one day when my mother asks about them.  Even though  I have purchased diamonds since it is still not the same nor will it ever be no matter how many I acquire in my lifetime.  You can’t replace honesty of its beauty, the sentiment of its willingness to shine or the passion to be perfect.   This is truly a rarity that seldom comes in any shape or form.  My diamonds weren’t forever because I lost them. 😥 My tears are though!

Yours Truly,

♥ tiaShanee

Sometimes in life our supporters are complete strangers rather than our own friends, family and loved ones. This is so sad but true. People close to you actually would prefer you to not be successful or they want to beat you to it. They are afraid of you becoming successful. I’ve learned that not everyone wants to see you shine. But never dim your light because of someone else’s insecurities. Keep at it and don’t let this discourage you! Oprah once said that people will always be around to ride along in the limo, but no one will be there when it runs out of gas and breaks down. #ILoveHaters xoxo

♥ tiaShanee

I Love Haters

I Love Haters, Let their hate motivate! #KeepPushing

Your mindset truly controls your world around you. If you can learn to change your attitude about the things in your life you have began your journey on the path to happiness. Stay positive!
♥ tiaShanee

Destiny has two ways of crushing us… by refusing our wishes… and by fulfilling them.

-Henri Frederic Amiel

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