Vibrant Lips for Dark Skinned Beauties

Vibrant Lips for Dark Skinned Beauties

Ladies of dark complexion and fairly full lips have traditionally shied away from bright lipstick colors because of the misconception that bright lipstick on dark skin and full lips would look nothing short of ridiculous. They are jaded by magazines that think black women are just light, medium, and dark complexions, not realizing that there are many shades of dark skin. Quite the contrary! Bright lipstick on dark skin beauties can actually look very fabulous if worn correctly. I have been recently asked what bright colors go well with dark/brown skinned ladies. Here are a few vibrant colors I actually own.MAC’s “Ruby Woo” is a bold red lip that I feel flatter a variety of dark skin tones. This matte lipstick is so rich in color that a little goes a long way. It’s one of those universally flattering reds. MAC’s “Girl About Town” is a fun and fabulous girlie look. It’s ultra flattering, rich, and packs moisture. Most importantly it looks very pretty on. Are you afraid of orange? Don’t be scurred! Bright orange lips can look very fab with neutral makeup. One to try is Make Up Forever’s Satin Bright Orange.Sometimes bright lipstick may not show up well if you have dark lips. A makeup trick to try for dark lips is to dab a little concealer on your lips to even out the tone and then apply your lipstick.Whether your complexion resembles Kelly Rowland or Tika Sumpter, bright lips are a DO for dark skinned women and remember, YOU CAN DO VIBRANT AND BOLD LIPS.

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