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Accessorize Red & You Can Make Any Outfit Pop!

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Wow check this out! Really Great Opportunity for those Aspiring to be in Fashion Industry!

Spread the word… Opportunity to be apart of the Fashion Industry, check out this link…  Deadline is November 15th, 2012 so jump on it quick!

Although a lot of us are already in halloween-mode, we must not forget about breast care awareness month!  It’s an amazing month to spread awareness and give back to a cause that affects millions of women each year.  Ladies remember to get those boobies checked! ❤

Events that you can sill participate in locally are:

Mimis Cafe Power of the Pink Campaign: “Sparkling Pink” drink selections. Wear pink to Mimi’s and receive a FREE seasonal Pumpkin Spiced Muffin with any purchase.

ULTA BEAUTY: “donate with a kiss”  Give just $5 or even $10 (come on, you can afford that!) and ULTA has some goodies for you!  For every $1 you donate ULTA will add a kiss to their fabulous windows.

Cupcake Mafia T’s: the cutest women’s empowerment street brand is donating 20% of all proceeds to save the cupcakes – Breast Cancer Foundation.

Sephora: Selling pink products supporting breast care awareness.  (Brands involved- clarisonic, clinique, philosophy, jossie maran, stilla, murad, glamglow, origins, and dr. dennis gross.)

I’m pretty sure there are plenty more but here are just a few.  Please share in comments of all other causes locally around you.

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women, and 1 in 8 will develop breast cancer in her life-time. “The breast cancer statistics out there are startling and scary, but the good news is there is hope. When breast cancer is detected early, in the localized stage, the 5-year survival rate is 98.6%. That is why it is important to do our part and support the National Breast Cancer Foundation and their mission to inform women about breast cancer and early detection.

♥ tiaShanee

Breast Care Awarness

Sometimes in life our supporters are complete strangers rather than our own friends, family and loved ones. This is so sad but true. People close to you actually would prefer you to not be successful or they want to beat you to it. They are afraid of you becoming successful. I’ve learned that not everyone wants to see you shine. But never dim your light because of someone else’s insecurities. Keep at it and don’t let this discourage you! Oprah once said that people will always be around to ride along in the limo, but no one will be there when it runs out of gas and breaks down. #ILoveHaters xoxo

♥ tiaShanee

I Love Haters

I Love Haters, Let their hate motivate! #KeepPushing

Your mindset truly controls your world around you. If you can learn to change your attitude about the things in your life you have began your journey on the path to happiness. Stay positive!
♥ tiaShanee

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